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I am a small Business

If you’re running a business then we’d assume you already have an accountant

And maybe you not happy with the level of service you getting or your current accountants are not able to handle your work load. Whatever the reason, let us assure you we can help you. Whether you operate as a sole trader, Ltd Company, Partnership or LLP, a good accountant will save you time, money and tax. And we tend to just do that!

The problem is that many small business owners don’t see the importance of an accountant, mainly because traditionally, accountancy has been pretty expensive for small businesses and the service you get is not extraordinary.

Mainly due to the reasons mentioned above some businesses don’t see the value for their money and try to cut costs which usually don’t work out very well in long run.

So to get around the problem they try to cut costs by doing the accounts themselves, either with a piece of bookkeeping software or a spreadsheet and then they’ll go and see an accountant at the end of the year (when the deadline is looming!) to get all of the tax stuff done.

What we offer is a modern, cost-effective solution for small businesses

You’ll get your own account manager and a team of specialist accountants to administer your books and make sure you stay on the right side of the taxman (there’s no need to make an appointment, and we don’t charge by the minute expert

We’ll take care of all your HMRC and Companies House filings, deal with the taxman on your behalf and complete your company year end for you, Leaving you with minimum work to do.

What you’ll get

• Your entire financial year taken care of – VAT Returns, corporation tax, and a full year end service

• Payroll for up to 2 employees included in our monthly fee.

• Access to expert accountants 6 days a week with direct line to account manager.

• Free expert advice throughout the year, at no extra cost.

• Access to our online client portal, you’ll have full access to all your accounts, tax returns or other important papers.